Eye Candy Loaders Code Of Conduct

All Loaders have agreed and signed an Eye Candy Loaders Code of Conduct before undertaking any work for the company.

  1. The Loader must conduct himself or herself in a polite, friendly and professional manner and in accordance with this Code of Conduct at all times when engaged on an assignment.
  2. The Loader must at all times during an assignment abide by the dress and other appearance requirements as stated in the briefing form.
  3. When selecting clothes for the assignment if a uniform is not required, the Loader must ensure that his or her outfit not only accords with the dress requirements but also is suitable and appropriate for the environment in which the Loader is working. In particular, consideration must be given to the length and exposure of flesh and the Loader must check with the company to ensure what he or she proposes to wear is suitable for the occasion.
  4. Loaders are expected to be courteous, personable and willing to undertake all reasonable tasks in connection with the event for which they are engaged. Loaders are expected to exercise initiative and discretion about the tasks that they are asked to perform. If a Loader considers that he or she is being asked to do something, which falls outside the brief for the assignment and is not appropriate or socially acceptable they must immediately contact Eye Candy Loaders Headquarters.
  5. Loaders are not encouraged to fraternize with clients during or after an assignment has ended. If a client asks a Loader to engage in social activities after an assignment has ended, it is the Loader's responsibility to refuse the offer. There must be no verbal or written contact between client and Loader after the booking has taken place. Eye Candy Loaders cannot be liable for any loss, damage, injury or event that takes place once an assignment has ended.
  6. Loaders are expected to respect the client and the environment in which they are working during an assignment and to act appropriately for the nature and genre of the event.
  7. At all times during an engagement, the Loader is to be an ambassador for Eye Candy Loaders and shall not make a detrimental comment about the company or any of its Clients or Loaders. The Loader must aim to converse eloquently with clients and their guests or visitors and foul or bad language must be avoided at all times.
  8. Eye Candy Loaders insists on your exclusivity for any Loading work undertaken. We will not permit you to take on Loading work for any other companies. If you are found to do this you will be removed from the company books. This does not affect your rights of working with other agencies for any other promotional work.
  9. Loaders are not permitted to drink alcohol before, during or after an event. If this is ignored, then the Loader will not be paid for that event and will never work for Eye Candy Loaders again.
  10. Loaders are not permitted to use their mobile phones, personal organisers, or any communication device whilst performing their duties. We consent to you having your mobiles on you at all times but they must be switched off or on silent. In the event of an emergency please make sure you inform the client prior to using your mobile and call the Eye Candy Loaders headquarters immediately.